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  Tianjin Xinfa Woollen Knitwear Company manufactures with the raw material of cashmere, and supplies the famous brand clients professional yarn by the superior equipment ,advanced craft,magnificent production , advanced service and management.

  As the development of the market and our products entered the market, XINFA has become an exported and manufactured enterprise with dying, spinning and also knitting.

  Currently, XINFA is showing great vitality to go to the world woollen market, and adding new colors to the world woolen industry . Our company was set up in May 1995, and locats in Hexiwu Town,Wuqing District, also between the city of Beijing and Tianjing . It is around 60 kilometers to the Beijing airport and also 60 kilometers to the Tianjin airport. It is around 80 kilometers to the port of Tianjin Xingang.The location enjoys exceptional advantages and convenient traffic communication, also with rich physical and human resources.

  Our company registered with eight million dollars, covers the area of 71,400 m2,having reserved area 70,000 m2, building area 23000 m2,and with 600 workers .Our workshop of spinning and dying covers 24,095 m2, with fleece dying annual production capacity 600 Tons. The woolen and semi-worsted yarn includes pure cashmere,different species woolen yarn and blended yarn with the count 16NM/2 ¨C 80 NM/2. The knitting workshop covers area of 15,220 m2 with sweater annual production capacity one million pieces . Also there are totally 115 sets computer knitting machines with 3.5G-16G . The products manufactured complies to the requirement of European environment protection, and mainly exports to European,Japan and USA etc.

We have manufactured for many famous brands of USA and European:

USA :                               European:

Ferrari                                                                         Galerie Lafayette

U.S.PoloAssn                                                            Gingo Biloba SA                              

QVC INC.                                  

UNITED STATES POLO ASSOCIATION                       Jake Burton

                                                                              Gingo Biloba SA

MACY                                                                           GALERIES LAFAYETTE